SafeCan Signal BLOCK

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NEW SafeCan Signal BLOCK

A quick, easy and clever way to keep your valuables safe. This simple yet clever little device allows you to safely conceal and store your keys, cards and other valuables, safe and away from the hands of would-be thieves.

The SafeCan Signal BLOCK is perfect if you have a keyless car, contactless cards, or other small electronics such as USB sticks, wireless headphones, small hard drives etc.   Lined with RFID blocking material, it blocks keyless entry car keys from transmitting their signal through the can*, therefore stopping would be thieves from using specialist equipment to amplify the signal and gain access to your car without the key.

  • RFID blocking material block the transmission of keyless entry car keys and other wireless devices stored inside.
  • Ideal for hiding credit/debit and other contactless cards
  • Hide money, jewellery and other small valuable items
  • Genuine replica licensed cans
  • Simple pull-off base reveals the perfect hiding place
  • Size 315 ml
  • Dimensions: 110 x 75 mm (h x w)


*  This SafeCan® has a been tested on a wide range of vehicles and was successful at blocking RFID transmitting signals.  However there are a wide range of RFID signalling technologies and sometimes these techniques can change, so we would always recommend checking compatibility with your car first.