Hide your valuables in Sterling's SafeCan® Food Cans

16th Aug 2023

Hide your valuables in Sterling's SafeCan® Food Cans

Looking for a quick, easy and clever way to keep your valuables safe? Look no further than the SafeCan Food Can from Sterling, sister brand of leading security specialist, Burg-Wächter. This simple yet clever little device allows you to safely conceal and store your keys, cards and other treasures, safe and away from the hands of would-be thieves.

Easy and convenient security

With a hidden base which is easily removed to reveal a secret compartment, SafeCan allows you to hide cash, keys, jewellery and other valuables in plain sight, as they sit conveniently amongst real cans in your kitchen cupboards. Small and light, they can be quickly picked up in case you need swift access to your belongings, and because they are genuine replica products that look exactly like the real thing, SafeCan makes an excellent deterrent against theft – no thief will be able to tell the difference!

A little can goes a long way

If you have a keyless car, contactless card, or other small electronics, try the SafeCan BLOCK for even more protection. Lined with RFID blocking material, it blocks keyless entry car keys from transmitting their signal through the can, therefore stopping thieves from using specialist equipment to amplify the signal and gain access to your car without the key! Identical to the original SafeCan Food Can, the SafeCan BLOCK has a pull off base, rather than a twist off, giving you easy access to your belongings whenever you need. Taking security even further, the SafeCan BLOCK is all you need when it comes to protecting your valuables.